Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flat, Black & Circular and Dusty's Cellar

To celebrate both the birthday of my mother and of my perennial dining companion, the four of us (mother, father, husband and myself) ventured into East Lansing despite the Michigan St./Ohio St. football game last Saturday to go to Flat, Black and Circular (you guessed it, it's a used record store) so my father and my husband (aka perennial dining companion) could browse the used albums and try to one-up the other on the brilliance of their obscure selections. It's a great record store and you should visit if you are in the area:

We then drove east to Okemos to Dusty's Cellar which is a great restaurant offering a diverse menu and terrific service. I had the Torte Rustica which was very good. The Bell's Two Hearted Ale (alas, the end of Oberon season is at hand) I had was wonderful and my husband and father both indulged in a Manhattan. They both give me the maraschino cherries out of their drinks so I can vouch for their potency. The pumpkin cheesecake we split for dessert was divine. Visit Dusty's Cellar:

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Gary said...

Wonderful place. I wish that we lived closer so we could grab the wonderful prepared items for dinner, like 12 nights a week!